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The Blank Canvas
127 West Kennewick Ave

Drawing Classes
with Cindy Rutherford

I have been teaching drawing for 7 years based on techniques used in “Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain.”
You will learn how to explore the world around you through the use of line, shape, and value. I will teach you how to really “look” with your eyes.   By using simple proven techniques you will learn how to put down on paper that vision. We will practice these techniques on landscape and still life in Beginning Classes,  portraits in Intermediate Classes.
                              Blank Canvas Intro Special         
  $50.00  per student
for six classes
$10.00 per class
Wednesdays starting May 23th-July 11th
Grade School 7 & up 2:30-3:30
call for a time

The following are supplies that you will need to purchase for the class. You can find these items at Michael’s or Craft Warehouse. Craft Warehouse will sell single 2b pencils if asked.
Strathmore Drawing Pad 11x14 (med. brown cover) 24 sheets of paper 80 lb.
Gum eraser
2B drawing pencils
Hand held pencil sharpener

 to register: contact Cindy Rutherford  or by phone 308-6412

 The Drawing Pad

 Exploring Art  
With Deann Kennedy

Deann is a well know local water-colorist who has been teaching for years. She has participated in and has won at several National Juried Art Shows

"We will be exploring some different mediums in art, watercolors, pen and ink, pastels and acrylic.  With a focus on color,  Also having fun by playing some games to reinforce  the information about color.  That is the key word having fun!       

     $34.00 per student
for 4 classes
Wednesdays starting May 23th-June 13th
Time:   9:30-11:00
To hold your students place a $10.00 registration fee will be required which will be deducted from your class fee.  The balance of $24.00 is due the first day of class. 

The following are supplies that you will need to purchase for the class. You can find these items at Michael’s or Craft Warehouse.

# 6 round watercolor brush (not in packages)
scissors ,glue stick, 8x10" canvas board or stretch canvas
(please wear old clothes that can get paint on them)

to register:
Contact Deann: or by phone#554-8130 for address

print this page with child's information below to mail in registration fee

name                                       age               Phone #                              Email      

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